Why Did We Start?

Photonics Automation Specialties,
Leadership Team

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Rewind to the year 2014.  Hoa and I were test engineers, and were laid off as a part of an entire site being closed.  I (Jerry) remember at the time thinking “Why lay us off when we are doing the best work of our lives?”, which was quickly followed by the thought “I bet we can do this independently!”  We started the company because:

  • We loved working with this team and wanted to keep it together
  • We loved doing this type of work specifically, and wanted to keep doing it

We feel that nobody brings this level of experience, innovation, and pure joy to the task of creating new instruments, test stations and burn-in racks.  We love our work, our machines, and our customers.  That sentiment comes across in everything we do.

Who Hires Us?

Our initial leads all came from people who knew us and our quality of work.  Now that we have been in business for several years, we have made a lot of new friends in industry who have seen our work firsthand and rely on us for their test and burn-in needs.


Why Hire Us?

We realize that new customers have placed a lot of trust in us to come through for them when they hire us. We consider their trust in our ability to deliver and support quality machines to be our highest goal.  We won’t ever leave a customer stranded.  We support them throughout the station life-cycle long after the initial delivery.

Our Experience as Innovators

We have been individually doing this type of work for over 20 years each.  We bring a unique and innovative perspective to this industry.  Instead of being turned off by outside-the-box requests, We relish the opportunity to learn new ways of doing things.  We support all the standard high-power photonics measurements our competitors support, and quite a few that they don’t support and would probably ‘no-bid’.


We have the right solution for you.